Apprentice success creates opportunity at Barrie Alderton

Thu 20 Aug 2015

The success of two of its apprentices has encouraged Barrie Alderton Estate Agents & Lettings to open up another apprenticeship opportunity at their office on London Road. Lettings Administrators Tayla Sturmey (21) and Connor Smyth (20), who were recruited via City College’s Apprenticeships Team, impressed their employers so much during their Business Administration apprenticeships that they’ve now both been made full-time employees at the company.

Lettings Manager Peter Alderton says: 'Having apprentices has worked brilliantly for us because our apprentices have grown professionally through learning the necessary processes and skills in a hands-on way. They’ve also brought a youthful enthusiasm to their roles which has been a real asset to the company. Because it’s gone so well with Connor and Tayla, we’ve decided to proceed along those lines again and offer an apprenticeship opportunity to a junior administrator. We’re obviously hoping to find someone who is motivated and enthusiastic with good computer skills. It’s also important that they’re a good team-player with excellent interpersonal skills because it’s a people-facing role.'

Barrie Alderton apprentices

Barrie Alderton apprentices

Connor Smyth says: 'Being able to learn about a company and its sector from the ground up is great as you’re able to see all aspects of the company. This gave me a great ambition as I could see where I could progress within the company and it gave me goals to aim for.'

Tayla Sturmey says: 'An apprenticeship worked really well for me because I was ambitious to create a career for myself and it gave me the opportunity to develop and learn.'

If you’d like to apply for Barrie Alderton’s apprenticeship vacancy or are an employer interested in taking on an apprentice, call City College’s Apprenticeships team on 01273 667700 or email