Information for Tenants

Now that you have moved into your home we endeavour to offer you the best service possible. You can contact us in person in our office at 73 Southover Street, Brighton, BN2 9UF. During this time we are also available on the telephone 01273 884 554 or 01273 570 242 or by e-mail at

If you have a maintenance issue please contact us as soon as possible during working hours. Please note we are not managing agents and so are not permitted to carry out any work but we will try to contact the landlord as soon as possible to get permission to send a tradesman around. Most tradesman can use our office key if the tenants are agreeable however some firms will not attend a property if the tenants are not in attendance. It is the tenant's responsibility to be there, if you require someone from our office to attend there will be a charge made, similarly if we have to attend to give access if you are locked out.

We do carry out property visits every quarter to highlight any possible issues that may arise in good time before they become a serious issue we will write to you in advance.

Please notify our office immediately if there are to be any changes to your tenancy.

You must contact us immediately if you are having any difficulty in paying the rent. If your rent is late we will try to contact you by telephone, once it is 7 days late we will send you a written reminder, if it remains outstanding you will be sent a further letter every 7 days and an adinistration fee will be charged.

As well as paying the rent it is the tenants' responsibility to keep the property in good condition. In Victorian houses condensation can be a problem. Please see Brighton & Hove City Council's Information Sheet

When you decide you wish to vacate the property you must give written notice in accordance with the tenancy agreement. We will arrange for a check out of the property and this is what the landlord will use to decide if they wish to make any deductions from the deposit regarding cleaning, damage or gardening etc. We will write to you with any proposed deductions and at this stage it is up to you to agree or dispute them. If agreement cannot be made the decision can be passed to the TDS of which we are members, all deposits paid to us are registered with the Tenancy Deposit Scheme and we are bound by their terms and conditions.

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