If there is a gas emergency; i.e. you smell gas, please immediately phone National Grid on 0800 111 999 and ensure that you have turned off the gas at the gas meter unless the meter is located in the cellar/basement and open windows.  If you are unable to turn the gas off at the meter for whatever reason please vacate the premises immediately, you may need to notify your neighbours, however National Grid will advise you.   


Please check the following:

Check the fuse box/trip switch

If you have a key meter, is it topped up/ inserted correctly

Have you unplugged all of your appliances and tried them one by one to find the item which may be causing the electrics to trip


If there is a leak from a water pipe/ flood please turn the water off at the stopcock immediately and then contact us as soon as possible.  

Please check the following: 

How bad is the leak i.e. Dripping or Pouring

Is the leak causing damage or in contact with any electrical fittings

Is the leak coming from another property i.e. flat above or adjacent?  Have you contacted the occupants to see if they have a leak?  Obtain their flat number and contact details? 

Boiler (no heating or hot water)

If your boiler is not working, please check the following:

Have you reset the boiler (switch on and off)

Have you checked the pressure of the boiler

Have you checked through the boiler manual

If the boiler is displaying a fault, please pass this information onto us as it can be beneficial to the gas engineer


Clearing blocked drains, traps and pipes within the property is the responsibility of the tenant.  The tenant will be charged if a tradesman attends and the blockage is found to have been caused through the negligence of the tenants or their visitors.  Please ensure that you have attempted to unblock it yourself with domestic cleaning products before contacting us. 

Locked out

Have you lost your key or locked the key inside the property?  If so, you should call a local locksmith at your own expense.  Where a new lock is required to be fitted, please ensure that enough keys are cut to provide the agent with at least one set. 

Insecure property

What has caused the property to be insecure?  Damage from a break-in?

If there is a break in (or attempted break in), you need to notify the police and obtain a crime reference number. 

If any of the above occurs we would be grateful if you could inform us so we can notify the Landlord, action where necessary and update our records.


If you have a non-emergency problem in your home, please complete the below maintenance form.  We will then contact you accordingly for access and confirmation of the problem. 

Please note that we will need to get authorisation from the Landlord before any work can be undertaken. 

Our office opening hours are: Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm

Maintenance form